Reflection Time 2 by Chidi Obasi: Dealing with Lust of the World, Hypocrisy

Reflection Time 2 by Chidi Obasi: Dealing with Lust of the World, Hypocrisy

Reflection Time 2 by Chidi Obasi: Dealing with Lust of the World, Hypocrisy

For proper understanding, reading from this very first chapter Escaping Bitterness

An inward desire of lust will always put a barricade between you and your creator. Lust of the flesh and material things is something that pursues the Spirit of God in one’s life.

I used to lust after the flesh, pleasure that did not last any day, but not knowing that I was offending God. Do you notice that you tend to have feelings of anger and hatred towards the girl or lady immediately after the sexual affair inside of your heart mostly where you are not sure of the person’s HIV status and other health conditions? There is this instinct of what I have done is bad but I can’t help myself. I want to stop but do not know the way out. There is a way now, just make up your mind to stop for where there is a will, there is always a way made available by God.
My mind was corrupt with unthinkable desires, desires that are made up of deception. When one lusts in the heart, the body gets affected and the urge will get performed and perfected by the body, As A MAN THINkETH IN HIS HEART SO IS HE.

Before one acts any evil, there has been thought of it in his/her heart. The evil deed must go through nursing and nurturing stages before it becomes an act.

Trust in the Lord by Dr Paul Enenche Sermon (Early Will I Seek You)

You must at all times endeavor to conquer the spirit of lust.
Don’t make it a habit rather back yourself up with positive thinking and prayers then you will experience the abundant grace of God.

Hypocrisy does not qualify you to enjoy spiritual grow rather hinders spiritual upliftment. I am too sure that hypocrisy never succeeds in life.

Be what you are and remain how you are. You are not living to impress anybody but God. God sees you and knows your heart. Hypocrites always remain stagnant and never attain a higher level of development both in spiritual and physical things. Likewise, a desperate pretender, who pretends a lot to gain favour from someone is only deceiving him or herself. You can’t cheat God either yourself because what you sow is what you shall reap. The Bible says “God cannot be mocked neither can He be deceived”


God designed you to live a planned life without hypocrisy; he wants you to be like Him because He is the unchangeable God.

What do you understand by “An image of God? Does your lifestyle reflect who God is? You are carefully designed and specially made, so why live a false life?
Return to normalcy, and then you will bring change to your community.