Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Sermon 3 October 2021 – Destiny-Destroying Character

Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Sermon 4 October 2021 - Destiny-Destroying Character

Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Sermon 3 October 2021 – Destiny-Destroying Character

Welcome to Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Message at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. Read through this powerful message centred on Destiny and Character. May the Lord bless you through this Message in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding character traits that destroy destiny
It has been confirmed by the authority of Scripture that character is a pointer to destiny
The strength of destiny is determined by the strength of character
Character is the bedrock of destiny; the poverty of character is the worst form of poverty
The poverty of character is the bankruptcy of destiny
It is important to note that behaviour is the foundation for becoming
How you behave determines what you will become

Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Sermon 3 October 2021

4. Envy

1. Lucifer (Isa. 14:12-16)
The crash of Lucifer was caused by a combination of envy and pride
Lucifer began to envy the position of his Maker
Envy crashed Lucifer to the pit

2. Joseph’s brethren (Gen. 37:4, 8, 11; Acts 7:9)
Most times, envy and hatred will come because of a favour you did not ask for
Graces and giftings you didn’t give yourself will attract envy
Any time you dare to dream big it will attract envy and hatred
The envious have no future – they disappear from relevance with time
The irrelevance of Joseph’s brethren was rooted in their envy of Joseph their brother

3. Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:4-7)
They were lured into envy of God their Maker by the serpent
The only thing envy will succeed to do is to make a person fail to possess their possession

4. Queen Vashti (Esth. 1:5-9)
One of the traits of envy is competitive jealousy
It is not strange in life to see people who have been raised/helped enter into competitive jealousy with those who helped them up

5. Cain (Gen. 4:3-8)
Envy progresses to hatred which progresses into murder
Many times, envy can come out of surpassing performance or outstanding results of the victim of envy

6. King Saul (1Sam. 18:6-9,10)
Saul walked in envy and jealousy of David when he saw that David got more applause than himself
If you don’t want to be envied, make no impact, affect nobody, touch no life, walk in no favour but as long as you are making impact, you cannot escape envy
Saul ran mad and ended up dying in battle because of his envy for David

Pastor Paul Enenche Sunday Sermon 3rd October 2021

1. Envy is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities or favour (‘luck’) – Oxford Dictionary of English

2. Envy is the orchestration of conspiracy and opposition towards someone because of their results, impact or superior accomplishment (Acts 7:9; Matt. 27:17-18; Acts 13:44-45)
Envy is not limited to worldly accomplishments – a major reason why Jesus was crucified was envy (Matt. 27:17-18)
Some of the attacks experienced by our spiritual leaders are borne out of envy
Those who will not congratulate you when success happens, their commiseration when something opposite happened is hypocrisy – they are only on the look out for what is negative

3. Envy is the desire to have a quality, possession or other desirable things belonging to someone else – Oxford Dictionary of English

4. Envy is the demonstration of hatred and bitterness towards someone of their results or success (Ezek. 35:11; Mark 6:2-3; Acts 17:5-6)
Envy flows hand in hand with hatred
When you have the capacity to do things and almost everything you do is successful you are going to be hated
But don’t fear their hatred; they can hate you but they cannot hurt you as long as the Hand of God is with you

5. Envy is the manifestation of contention and competitive jealousy towards another person’s personality, quality or results
As long as a person is in contention they must exist in tension

6. Envy is the inability to stand or withstand the success and impact of others; it is discomfort with the progress and the accomplishments of others
Don’t let anyone recruit you into the envy of progressive and successful people; that will only consolidate your frustration

1. Envy makes people silly and foolish (Job 5:2)
Envy will suspend your reasoning and wisdom
2. Envy kills (Job 5:2)
3. Envy attacks health and vitality (Ezek. 35:11; Prov. 17:22; 14:30)
Envy brings bitterness and bitterness dries up the bones

4. Envy breeds uncontrollable temper (Prov. 27:4)
Envy will make you say things and do things that are permanently regrettable
Don’t speak when you are angry, if possible, because you will say things that you wished you never said
5. Envy will always result in shame (Gen. 3:7; Isa. 26:11)
The envious today is a victim of shame tomorrow

6. Envy (hatred) enhances further Divine openings for the envied (Gen. 37:8-9; 29:31)
If you don’t want God to leave you to yourself, leave people to themselves and to God.
If you want God to bless people, hate them.
God is attracted to the resisted and rejected
There are wombs and doors that will never open until you are hated (Gen. 29:31)
Envy brings acceleration for the envied and stagnation for the envious

7. Envy (hatred) is in the same class as murder and leads to eternal damnation (1John 3:14-15; Rom. 1:28-32)
Refuse to walk in envy and refuse to be recruited to walk in envy
The crucifixion of Christ was out of envy (Mark 15:8-10); some people also go into ministry out of envy Phil. 1:15-16; Acts 17:5)
It is useless people that envy useful people, impactless people envy impactful people.

1. Realise that there is a glory allocation for every child of God (Gal. 3:29; Gen. 15:5; 26:4; 1Cor. 15:41)
Every child of God is a seed of Abraham and every seed of Abraham is a star and every star has a glory
2. Realise that no one’s success happens at the expense of another’s (2Cor. 3:18)
Don’t hate anybody because they are there, understudy them to find out what they did to be there
Nobody is behind because another person is in front

3. Realise that the gifts, graces and abilities of God are in levels (Matt. 25:15)
We all don’t have the same level
Don’t compete with the man’s ability, maximise your own ability
Find what level you have been wired for and deploy your potentials maximally

4. Realise that a man can receive nothing except it is given from above (John 3:27; 1Cor. 4:7)
5. Realise that faithfulness at your current level is what qualifies you for promotion to higher levels (Luke 19:17; 16:10)
As you are faithful in the level you are presently, it will qualify you for higher levels
Envy does not bring promotion – it is faithfulness at your present level that brings promotion

6. Realise that goodwill towards others will provoke success in your own life (Job 42:10; Matt.7:12)
Goodwill towards others and their success will bring you lifting and breakthroughs from God
Wish great people well; be happy for them and with them
When you say it shall be well with people, no devil can say it shall be ill with you
7. Realise that envy and hatred consolidate stagnation and frustration (Gen. 29:31)
Hateful people can never go forward, bitter people never succeed.

8. Realise that envy and hatred will guarantee eternity in hellfire (Rom. 1:28-32; 1John 3:14-15)
9. Continuously guard your heart from envy, bitterness and jealousy through the release of goodwill (Prov. 4:23)
You may need to guard your heart from those who are arrogant about their success; don’t mind them, it will not last. It is humility that sustains authority.
There are people that will provoke you unto envy and jealousy; calm down and leave them for God

1. Refuse to lose focus (Prov. 4:25-26)
Intensify your focus so that you can maintain your speed
A major aim of envy and conspiracy is the breaking of focus and once your focus is broken your impact is gone
Don’t park beside a vehicle that is knocked, move forward!
2. Refuse to be dragged into strife (Jam. 3:16)
When you are drawn into strife, you open the door for evil.
Those who strive for excellence don’t strive with people – Bishop Oyedepo

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. I receive deliverance from the plague of envy. I can’t be a victim of envy and I cannot succumb to the effects of envy; I receive the grace to be verything You want me to be, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace to be free from the spirit of envy and strife; I receive that grace now, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace to be free from this destiny-destroying character trait of envy, in Jesus’ Name.

1. In this month of October, I prophesy the Blessing of Divine life. I decree the arrest of the demon of sudden, premature death. You shall fulfil your days in Jesus’ Name!
2. In this month of October, I decree the Blessing of Divine health. Arrows of sudden and strange diseases are arrested from your life, in Jesus’ Name!
3. In this month of October, I decree the Blessing of Divine direction – what steps to take and what move to make, you shall understand in Jesus Name. Arrows of confusion and misdirection are arrested in Jesus’ Name!
4. In this month of October, I decree the Blessing of righteousness; the grace to live right.
Arrows of compromise and bondage of iniquity are broken right now, in Jesus’ Name!
5. In this month of October, I prophesy the Blessing of Divine Presence; may the Presence of God be solid around your life, in Jesus’ Name!
6. In this month of October, I prophesy the Blessing of supernatural supplies. Everything that is yours, I declare their release into your hands. Systems are put under pressure, they shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until what is yours enters into your hands, in Jesus’ Name!
7. In this month of October, I prophesy the Blessing of Divine protection and Divine preservation; the syndrome of the –ember months shall never be your portion, in Jesus’ Name!

The communication of every Blessing declared!

– God is sorting out your life, destiny and future!
– A fear and uncertainty is being destroyed!
– It shall be a most exciting and glorious week!
– Every death looking for you is returned back to hell!
– You have a destiny to fulfil and you shall fulfil that destiny!
– Those who want you dead, you will hear of their death!
– It is well with you and your family!
– October shall favour you!

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